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Polymeric Imaging, Inc. and Eastech have set their sights on high-quality output in the Octra line of wide-format flatbed/roll-fed UV inkjets. The Octra 1440e is available in light- and industrial-duty models. Common features include support for up to eight colors (2 x CMYK, CMYK, Lc, Lm, Or, Gr, white, or overprint clear), maximum print speed of 425 sq ft/hr (39.5 sq m/hr), eight Epson piezo printheads, and 1440-dpi maximum imaging resolution. The light-duty version, UV 8720e, supports a 3/4-in. (19-mm) maximum head height, maximum media width of 87 in. (2210 mm), maximum print width of 82 in. (2083 mm), and comes with light-duty feed and take-off tables and roll-to-roll feed and unwind units. Options include PC system with monitor, ColorGate color-management software, ICC profiling, and GretagMacbeth Eye One densitometer software. Any third-party RIP can be used. The industrial version comes in two models: the UV 6440e and 8740e. The UV 6440e accommodates a 64-in. (1626-mm) media width and 59-in. (1499-mm) print width. The UV 8740e accepts media up to 87 in. wide and supports an 82-in. print width. Both include Industrial Power Tables for feed and take-off, a PC system with monitor, ColorGate software, ICC profiling, and Eye One software. Any third-party RIP can be used. Polymeric Imaging Inc., 117 E. 14th Ave., North Kansas City, MO 64116, 816-221-5567, 800-746-5567, fax: 816-221-4820, Web:


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