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New print profiles and modes, new alignments and calibrations, and software upgrades have all come to Gerber’s Solara ion UV inkjet printer. The new profiles will give users more media choices, and they’ll also be able to select from two new uni-directional print modes: two-pass uni-directional and four-pass uni-directional. The new alignments and calibration procedures are available as part of the Solara ion firmware Revision B within Gerber’s online software library, GERBERnet. This revision includes a new lamp-delay feature, designed to eliminate lamp warm-up delays during production printing. The Onyx 7.2 upgrade, for those who use that software with their printers, offers enhanced dot pattern, a new error diffusion dot pattern designed to produce finer, smoother output in flesh tones, solid fills, and other areas. Version 7.2 also features dynamic ink-separation technology, engineered to maximize the use of the Solara ion’s inks while still maintaining accurate grey and spot color. Gerber Scientific Products, 83 Gerber Rd., South Windsor, CT 06074, 860-643-1515, 800-433-4186, fax: 860-648-8360, Web:


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