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The Arizona 250 GT uses Océ VariaDot imaging technology and a four-color UV inkset to deliver what the manufacturer describes as near-photographic image quality. The wide-format UV inkjet printer can image onto rigid substrates up to 49 in. wide x 98 in. long x 1.89 in. (1245 x 2489 x 48 mm) thick and flexible media up to 87 in. (2210 mm) wide. VariaDot allows the printheads to deposit ink droplets ranging in size from 6-42 picoliters, an ability Océ says uses less ink compared to fixed-droplet printers and produces image quality and sharpness only before seen at resolutions of 1440 dpi or higher. Production print speed is 172 sq ft/hr (16 sq m/hr), and Océ notes that the Arizona 250 GT can image onto irregularly shaped, heavy, and uneven materials. The printer is configured to skip large, unprinted areas to save time, and nozzle-out mapping allows malfunctioning printhead nozzles to be bypassed. Océ North America, 5450 N. Cumberland Ave., Chicago, IL 60656, 773-714-8500, 800-714-4427, Web:


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