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Ultra-high-quality applications are the targets Teckwin set for its new TeckStorm flatbed UV inkjet printer. Its designed to deliver super-fine photographic, line, and text detail. TeckStorm is equipped with an XJ 760 printhead and features 1440-dpi printing resolution, five-color (including white) printing, and a print width up to 96.8 x 49.6 in. (2458 x 1259 mm). The printhead carriage moves in both X and Y axes over a fixed print bed. The negative-pressure system is adjustable and engineered to ensure stable vacuum pressure to the ink supply. Other features include a valve system designed to simplify printer maintenance, sub-surface registration pins and edge-to-edge printing, a vibrating system that prevents settling or separating of the white ink, and eight individual vacuum holddown pumps with eight individual sections that can be turned on or off to accommodate various sizes of material. Teckwin Int’l USA, 3702 W. Oquendo Rd., Unit 101, Las Vegas, NV 89118, 702-736-1516, fax: 702-736-6965, Web:


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