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Durst now offers wind/unwind units for its Rho 160R, 350, 351R, and 320R roll-fed inkjet printers. The systems support roll diameters up to 43 in. (1092 mm) and weights up to 653.5 lb (750 kg). Units are available for one or two rolls. Winding and unwinding speed can be adjusted according to the printing modes of the Rho, between 35.3-62.8 in./min (0.9-1.6 m/min). The wind/unwind systems have 3-in. (76-mm) pneumatic steel cores and a walkway between winder/unwinder and printing unit for inspection. The units are supplied with electricity separately, and they feature sensors for tension control, run/stop, and more, that are tied to the printer’s software. Durst says the wind/unwind systems allow continuous, unattended printing for six to eight hours in an industrial environment. Durst US, 50 Methodist Hill Dr., Ste. 100, Rochester, NY 14623, 585-486-0340, fax. 585-486-0350, Web:



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