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GretagMacbeth’s iSis is an Eye-One automatic chart reader designed to provide true spectral measurements while simplifying handling for high-volume production environments. The device features i1 Inside, based on Eye-One technology, and reportedly delivers fast, precise measurement without scratching or damaging test charts. Users feed a chart into iSis, and its visual recognition system automatically detects and aligns accordingly. The process eliminates the need to cut large test charts or print on multiple pages. The device is available in A4+ and A3+ versions. The A4+ model can measure an A4 test chart with up to 1100 patches. The A3+ model can measure as many as 2500 patches on a single A3 page. iSis handles substrates from 0.08-0.45 mm thick. GretagMacbeth, 617 Little Britain Rd., New Windsor, NY 12553, 845-565-7660, fax: 845-565-0390, Web:


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