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Guidelines for Freelance Writers

Screen Printing magazine is the journal of technology and management for commercial screen printers and all of the diverse manufacturing methods that use screen printing. Readers include sign, poster, decal, and other commercial printers; converters; garment and glass decorators; manufacturers of nameplates, ID panels, overlays, and electronic components; other manufacturers using screen printing as one step of a larger manufacturing process; artists and fine-art printmakers; educators; and suppliers to the trade.

Freelance articles must address one or more of these groups of readers, demonstrating a knowledge and familiarity with the screen-printing industry and its informational needs. Articles should highlight any or all of the following areas:

  • Entry-level, intermediate, or advanced instructional articles on the screen-printing process
  • Technical innovations and solutions to processing problems
  • Personality profiles of fine-art screen printers (serigraphers) and others in the trade
  • Company profiles of commercial printers and other firms using the screen-printing process
  • Business, management, and production hints specifically for screen printers
  • Product development and new applications for screen printers
  • Coverage of industry trends, conventions, and other new events of interest to screen printers

Typical feature articles run from 2000-3000 words in length. Supporting photographs, drawings, and sketches must be supplied by the author. Interested authors are encouraged to query the editor via email to discuss specific subjects, required graphics, possible publication dates, etc.

Contact the editor-in-chief:
Adrienne Palmer