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Having a bear of a time finding an attractive, earth-friendly alternative to conventional display solutions? Drytac says its Panda Stand, primarily constructed of bamboo, not onyl fits the bills, but also is the world's first environmentally friendly retractable banner stand for the exhibit, display, and graphics markets. The unit is made from 90% renewable resources with what Drytac describes as a low-impact, agro-forestry product, and the company reports that the banner stand offers the same high performance attributes as other premium retractable systems. Users unwind the graphic stored in the bamboo base and insert the support pole. The banner stand then rewinds back into the base for transport by one person. The unit includes a padded-cotton carrying bag and is available in 31.5- and 78.74-in. (800- and 2000-mm) formats. Drytac, 5383 Glen Alden Dr., Richmond, VA 23231, 804-222-3094, fax: 804-226-2330, Web:


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