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Junkers & Müllers’ Mediatex canvas media now plays a role in producing true-to-life art reproductions. The material is made of 100% natural fibers, and according to Junkers & Müllers was developed after intense discussions with artists to establish their particular requirements. The line of Mediatex canvas is certified in accordance with M1, B1, or IMO standards, and can be printed with water-based, solvent, or UV inks. Original paintings must be scanned with a special 3-D scanner before being printed on Mediatex, and then finished with a surface varnish. Mediatex is engineered for low ink consumption, high print brilliance and acutance through triple polymer coating, no white brittle, no curling, and hot and cold cutting without fraying at the edges. Junkers & Müllers also notes that Mediatex is waterproof, stain resistant, tearproof, and air permeable. Junkers & Müllers GmbH, Bolksbuscher Strasse 27, D-51239 Mönchengladbach, 49-2166-39-39-97, Web:


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