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A.W.T. enhanced its Tornado ink mixer and color blender with new features, including the availability of double grippers, blade-height adjustability, and a model for high-torque applications. The double grippers are designed to provide a more secure grip and reduce slipping and mishandling. A.W.T. says the adjustable blade height enables more thorough mixing than available before. The Tornado rotates the container while the blade blends the ink collected on the sides and bottom of the container. This process is designed to completely mix inks and coatings without splashing or creating air bubbles, regardless of their viscosity. The Tornado comes standard with 1- and 5-gal mixing blades that drop into place. Changeovers require no tools, and the system’s self-centering clamping device locks containers onto the turntable in their proper position. Other features include solid-state DC controls, reverse mixing direction with the flip of a switch, and variable speed control. A.W.T. World Trade Inc., 4321 N. Knox Ave., Chicago, IL 60641-1906, 773-777-7100, e-mail:, Web: www.


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