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JobDirect is the latest offering from Printable Technology’s FusionPro Web product. The JobDirect job-submission module is designed to provide server-side conversion to PDF formatting for ad hoc job submission. The application provides a path for unique, one-time job submissions and requires no download or installation of specialized print drivers. JobDirect allows automated job submission from virtually any networked computer. User-defined job types can be configured with PDF-creation options such as font embedding and image compression. The module also offers automatic conversion to PDF for more than 200 document formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, as well as Adobe Illustrator and many CAD formats. The native file format is provided to the print-service provider, along with the PDF file. Printable Technologies,  201 Lomas Santa Fe Dr., Ste. 270, Solana Beach CA 92075, 858-847-6617, fax: 858-793-4120, Web:


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