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Sihl added two films to its family of media for wide-format graphics printed on solvent and eco-solvent inkjet printers. Sihl’s 3533 TransSOL Frontprint WF 220 Satin is translucent, satin-coated PVC film designed for backlit applications. The film features a coating for water resistance and reportedly offers excellent light-diffusing properties, good stiffness, and layflat properties. Sihl’s 3505 ClearSOL Film WF 125 Gloss is a transparent, clear polyester film that is designed for maximum color pop with high ink limits and short drying time, even in double-print mode for increased density. ClearSOL is suitable for window graphics and P-O-P retail applications. The film can be used with white ink when an entire white backdrop is not necessary. ClearSOL also may be sued for backlit applications with diffuser panels. TransSOL is available in 100-ft (30.5-m) rolls with widths of 36 and 54 in. (914 and 1372 mm). ClearSOL is available in 66-ft (20.1-m ) rolls with widths of 36 and 54 in. Sihl USA, 713 Fenway Ave., Ste. B, Chesapeake, VA 23323, 757-966-7180, 800-366-7393, 888-522-8927, Web:


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