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Pad Printing




ITW’s newest pad-printing press, the Aries 130, is designed to withstand the rigors of a demanding production environment. The free-standing, single-color press features a box frame design using solid aluminum side plates for stability in applications that require a high degree of repeatability. The Aries 130 is equipped with a 130-mm ink cup, linear guide-rail pad-slide mechanisms for the Y and Z axes, and shock absorbers mounted to each end of the pad slide to dampen motion and provide high repeatability. The pad ram moves in the Y axis for extended throat depth and operator safety. The press features a maximum print size of up to 115 mm in diameter at speeds up to 1350 cycles/hr. Operators can access all machine functions through a touch-screen interface. The press comes with one set of operating tools, operating manual, spare-parts manual, electrical and pneumatic schematics, and miscellaneous supplies. Optional accessories are available, including a free-standing machine base, additional 130-mm ink cups and print modules, cup holders, cliche plates, casters with leg levelers, pad blowers, and indexing devices. ITW Trans Tech, 475 N. Gary Ave., Carol Stream, IL 60188-4900, 630-090-5762, fax: 630-752-4473, Web:


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