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Enercon’s new Dyne-A-Mite VCP uses variable-chemistry plasma to improve adhesion of coatings, adhesives, inks, labels, and markings of all types to all types of polymers, elastomers, glass, and conductive surfaces. It also can be used to treat extruded, pultruded, molded, and formed materials. Enercon explains that VCP treatment is essentially a fine etching process that provides different surface characteristics depending on gas chemistry used. A blend of O2, N2, and other gasses deposit various chemical groups on substrate surfaces to improve surface energy. The unit can be used inline, and it features font-panel mounting of all controls and indicators, external interlock systems, protective circuitry, and a communication interface cable for remote operation, loss-of-treatment indicator, and safety interlocks. Remote start/stop terminals are available for customer-supplied start and stop pushbuttons. Enercon Industries, PO Box 773, Menomonee Falls, WI 53052, 262-255-6070, fax: 262-255-7784, Web:


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