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FLEXcon introduces optiFLEX CONFORMmax series of products featuring V-882 adhesive. They’re designed for semi-squeeze and rigid containers with primary labeling applications with irregular shapes. FLEXcon says V-882 is a value-priced, high-performance, permanent, acrylic adhesive that offers excellent wet-out on low-surface-energy, high-density polyethylene containers. The films are engineered to withstand various environments, including bathroom showers, where moisture and humidity put stress on graphics. The films reportedly offer long-term performance without lifting, tunneling, or flagging. V-882 films are not intended for beverage applications. The optiFLEX CONFORMmax films include white and clear polyethylene films and are compatible with rotary screen, rotary letterpress, and flexography. The films are backed with TRACrite 120 polyester release liners, which are said to provide superior on-press performance for tight-registration graphics and a good diecutting base that allows for high-speed dispensing. FLEXcon Co., Inc., 1 FLEXcon Industrial Park, Spencer, MA 01562, 508-885-8370, fax: 508-885-8399, Web:


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