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You can filter air in an area up to 2500 sq ft (232 sq m) with Island Clean Air’s Duster 2000. It’s available in two models: a base configuration and a unit that can also control fumes. The Duster 2000 is engineered to remove dust and spray powder, toxic fumes and odors, smoke, pollen, bacteria, and VOCs. The mobile unit features floor-level pickup and cleanable intake filters. Air passes through a dust pad, intake filter, and a carbon filter (on Duster 2000 FC model), before returning to the work area. The Duster 2000 uses a 1-HP, 10.5-amp, direct-drive motor with variable speed control. Airflow is rated 2000 CFM. The unit also features a digital readout. Island says the unit meets OSHA and EPA requirements. Island Clean Air, 8793 Cambie St., Vancouver, BC V6P 3J9, Canada, 604-322-2979, fax: 604-322 8674, Web:


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