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Konica Minolta says its new software program, Printgroove, is designed for print shops that need to manage rising production demands. Features include 24/7 job submissions, automated job ticketing and quoting, print-queue management, device-status monitoring, and functions for finishing, shipping, and billing. The program is available in three modules. Printgroove Serve provides automated, Web-based, digital job submission that allows clients to contact their printer, initiate jobs, set job requirements, and track order status via the Internet or corporate intranet, using standard Web browsers. Users can create job tickets, proof jobs online, and receive automatic e-mail notification in each step of the process. Printgroove Guide is designed to run the printing department and can be scaled and customized. It oversees traffic volume, automatically manages job ticketing and tracking, monitors device operating status in real time, and expands for print quoting, billing, and invoice tracking. Printgroove Queue is designed to link multiple Konica Minolta bizhub devices throughout the production department to enhance performance by managing print queues, assigning jobs to best-match printers, and providing two-way communication to networked printers for centralized control. The Printgroove program is sold as an appliance package and requires a server. Customers can choose between a standard tower unit or rack mount unit. Additional license packs and options are available. Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA, Inc., 100 Williams Dr., Ramsey, NJ 07446, 201-825-4000, Web:


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