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Print Mount Metal-X is the latest addition to Seal’s line of adhesive films. Seal describes Metal-X as a versatile film that features a polypropylene carrier with a permanent acrylic adhesive that contains a special metallized layer. The metallized layer is designed to prevent surface bleed-through, light bleed-through, and color shift when mounting digital prints to dark, colored, or translucent substrates. Seal says the film is ideal for applications where true color is critical, where prints might feature pastel colors or gradations and areas of light ink coverage, and situations where mounted graphics will be produced with thin printing media. Print Mount Metal-X is available in 200- and 400-ft (61- and 122-m) rolls with widths of 25, 38, 41, 43, and 51 in. (635, 965, 1041, 1092, and 1295 mm). Seal Graphics Americas Corp., 7091 Troy Hill Dr., Elkridge, MD 21075, 410-379-5400, 800-257-7325, fax: 410-579-8960, Web:


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