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“These unique polymer dispersions add a new level of performance to the inkjet-receptor-coating market,” says Frank Shea, executive VP at Esprix. He’s referring to EspriJET 3826 and 7020, which are part of the company’s new line of cationic dye fixatives. EspriJET 3826 is designed to increase water-smear resistance, dye ink compatibility, and improve print-image densities and color gamut in inkjet-coating formulations. The cationic acrylate dispersion is formulated for excellent stability in aqueous solutions and good compatibility when used with water-soluble polymers, such as PVOH and PVP. It has a 30% solids content. EspriJET 7020 is designed to enhance waterfastness, dye and pigment ink compatibility, and print-image acuity. It’s a fine-particle, cationic polyurethane dispersion that can enhance stability in aqueous solutions. Esprix says 7020 forms a tough, elastic film that is resistant to heat and hydrolysis. It has a 43% solids content. Esprix Technologies, 7680 Matoaka Rd., Sarasota, FL 34243, 941-355-5100, 800-237-7748, fax: 941-358-1339, Web:


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