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M&R says its new Saturn Platinum II sets the standard for high-tolerance printing in a compact press and offers a level of control and quality normally found only in large, expensive presses. Circuit boards, nameplates, panels, backlit graphics, flexible membrane switches, glass, ceramics, and four-color halftone printing are some of the applications for which the press is suited. The Saturn Platinum II uses separate motors for lift/lower and print/flood. Its control panel uses icons to identify press functions. Squeegee traverse speed and floodbar traverse speed can be set separately. Saturn Platinum II also features M&R’s SoftVac system, and vacuum and blowback are each independent and adjustable. Programming is via a digital keypad with alphanumeric display. Standard features include automatically synchronized, cam-driven peel; adjustable front and rear print-stroke sensors; double-print capability; pneumatic screen clamps; microregistration with visual guides; and pneumatic squeegee/floodbar locks. The press is constructed with M&R’s Plug & Takeoff technology, which allows operators to plug in a takeoff unit. Options include tool-free four-corner off-contact; separate independent foot pedals for hands-free single-cycle printing and for vacuum control of hard-to-feed substrates; and M&R’s dripless squeegee attachment, which prevents ink from dripping into the image area during the flooding process. The press can also be configured to operate on 110 volts. M&R, 1 N. 372 Main St., Glen Ellyn, IL 60137, 630-858-6101, 800-736-6431, fax: 630-858-6134, Web:

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