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Eco-Solvent Ultra inks are Mutoh’s third-generation of the formulation and are designed specifically for the Toucan LT, Falcon II Outdoor, and Falcon Outdoor printers. The inks reportedly offer improved printhead life and the same benefits of Eco-Solvent Plus inks at 20% less cost. Mutoh says Eco-Solvent Ultra inks have a wide color gamut, dry quickly, resist abrasion, require less heat to adhere to media, and are UV and water resistant for up to three years outdoors without lamination. Mutoh recommends lamination for fleet, floor, and other applications where prints are exposed to excessive abrasion or mechanical stress. They are available in 220-ml cartridges, in either six-color (CMYKLcLm) for high-resolution, photo-quality applications, or CMYKx2 for high-productivity, speed-intensive jobs. An Eco-Solvent Ultra Conversion Kit will be available for existing users of Falcon Outdoor and Falcon II Outdoor printers to convert their printers to the new ink system. Mutoh America Inc., 2602 S. 47th St., #102, Phoenix, AZ 85034, 480-968-7772, fax: 480-968-7990, e-mail:, Web:


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