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If you need to go big with glass panels and other rigid substrates, have a look at Thieme’s new 3000 GS and 3000 GS XL flatbed screen-printing presses. The 3000 GS is available in 3/4- or fully automatic models and accepts materials up to 59 x 98 in. (1500 x 2500 mm) and 176 lb (80 kg). The 3000 GS XL also is available in 3/4- or fully automatic models and can handle substrates up to 67 x 157 in. (1700 x 4000 mm) and 660 lb (300 kg). Modular design allows users to design a multicolor system. Each rigid panel is transported into the pre-centering station by way of supported transport belts. The panel is then released and moved into the print station, positioned optically, and lowered onto the print table. The press then automatically aligns and centers the panel, after which the printhead lowers into position. The panel is printed, and the next panel is simultaneously advanced into the pre-centering station. The printed panel is picked up and moved out of the machine while the next panel is centered. The presses feature electronic controls for pneumatic frame clamping, printhead, flood/print strokes, and more. Peel-off height is infinitely adjustable. Thieme Corp., 3605 Swenson Ave., St. Charles, IL 60174, 630-513-1666 fax: 630-513-1999, Web:


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