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The Grendel, Littleton, CO, is the screen-printing industry’s newest source of education, service, and support for screen printers at all levels. Founded by industry consultant and educator Douglas Grigar and his colleagues, the Grendel offers comprehensive three-day workshops covering the fundamentals of screen printing, from creating artwork to removing shirts from the dryer. The program is based on Develop A Curriculum (DACUM) methods and guidelines, which is a collegiate analysis procedure of industrial jobs. The Grendel also distributes screen-printing equipment and accessories from Vastex, Shur-Loc, QCM, BBC, T-Quoter, and Wasatch. The Grendel also can assist customers in putting together full equipment packages and offers highly customized consulting and graphics services. The Grendel, PO Box 621970, Littleton, CO 80162-5712, 720-209-5712, e-mail:, Web:

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