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InteliCoat Technologies, South Hadley, MA, launched its redesigned Magic-brand Website, InteliCoat says it created the site with the goal of increased ease of use and that it is a fast and efficient tool for dealers and end-user customers to find essential technical information.

The redesigned site requires fewer clicks to access information, including the database of ICC profiles for color management, specific product information, identification of groups of products that fit into application categories, and an improved dealer-locator feature. Site visitors also can access information about Magiclée Fine Art and Photo papers and Jet Set CAD products.

“InteliCoat has upheld its commitment to deliver the utmost in customer satisfaction throughout out 75-year history,” says Ed McCarron, director of marketing, digital imaging at InteliCoat. “We redesigned the Magic brand Website with the goal of dramatically improving the ease with which our customers, partners, and potential consumers can gather information to help them produce optimized applications and output.”

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