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The Quickmount 4, from Daige, is a cold laminator designed for applying pressure-sensitive laminates, double-sided adhesives, transfer tapes, and mounting prints to boards up to 0.5 in. (12.7 mm) thick. The laminator features silicone rubber on both roller cores, two knobs for setting top roller height, and an automatic take-up reel. Users insert a board and use the two knobs to set height and pressure for the top roller. Users then separate the liner from the laminate, tape the liner to the core on the take-up reel, place the print on the carrier board, and run through the rollers. After the print exits from the rear of the machine, users cut off the laminate, peel the print off the board, and trim. The Quickmount 4 offers speeds of  7.5 ft/min (2286 mm). Options include a steel rolling stand with four casters (two with locks), a footswitch for hands-free control of the motor, cold laminates in gloss, luster, or matte finishes, and mounting functions. The laminator is available with roller widths of 25, 38, and 55 in. (635, 965, and 1397 mm). Daige, Inc., 1 Albertson Ave., Alberston, NY 11507, 516-621-2100, fax: 516-621-1916, Web:


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