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The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA), Fairfax, VA, named not only one, but two recipients for the 2008 Parmele Award at the SGIA ’08 Friday Night Dinner Party. Brothers Ben and David Landesman, co-presidents of Lawson Screen & Digital Products Inc., St. Louis, MO, received the prestigious honor for their industry contributions.

“These professionals have been ‘champions of the small and mid-size screen-printing company,’ as their colleagues put it, by improving print processes that have plagued smaller companies,” says Kent Yunker, outgoing SGIA chairman, who presented the awards.

Ben and David began working for their family-owned screen-equipment-manufacturing company in the 1970s. At that time, the company was run by their father Eugene Landesman, the recipient of the 1989 Parmele Award. Eugene was one of the early pioneers in the screen-printing industry and was recognized for his invention of the floodbar and many other devices commonly used in the industry today.

Ben and David have continued their father’s traditions and are recognized for their development of the flash-cure unit for manual textile business, the first bench model infrared dryer, and hands-on screen-printing education for industry novices. The brothers also have been heavily involved in SGIA activities and served on several of the Association’s committees, including membership, education, textiles, and the suppliers council. Additionally, they’ve donating equipment and services to SGIA’s Screen Printing Technical Foundation. Ben and David also have received SGIA’s Magnus Award, Award of Excellence, Fellows Award, and Outstanding Service Award.

“David and Ben’s involvement in the industry and with SGIA through their work at Lawson Screen & Digital Products made them the perfect duo for the Parmele Award,” says Michael Robertson, SGIA president and CEO. “They have promoted truly forward-thinking technologies and processes while contributing to the specialty imaging industry’s overall growth.”

David Landesman points out that he and Ben were involved from the mid-1970s in terms of pioneering hands-on educational programs, where basic screen printing is the focus. He says that the industry was very closed for years as people wanted to protect their secrets and methodologies, and as a result he and Ben have been very involved in opening up the industry.

In response to receiving the Parmele award, David says, “It’s an honor for Ben and I to be recognized for our contributions independent of our father.”

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