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Thieme’s new 3000S is a 3/4-automatic, large-format, long-stroke screen press. It’s available in widths from 47-79 in. (1194-2007 mm) and lengths from 79-157 in. (2007-3988 mm). Thieme’s screen-frame guidance system facilitates synchronized screen reception and allows one operator to adjust from the operator’s side. Spring-loaded screen-frame clamps maintain frame settings in the event of pneumatic failure. The press’s screen-registration system is situated on the operator’s side along with its control panel. The control panel is used to program motorized peel off, off-contact adjustment, and table-speed control. The press also features a take-off system, Hi-Tech Squeegee, optional 90° turn mechanism for the squeegee beam, substrate hold-down device, and blowback disconnect. Thieme Corp., 3605 Swenson Ave., St. Charles, IL 60174, 630-513-1666, fax: 630-513-1999, Web:


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