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FLEXcon says its Value-Better-Supreme-Custom (VBSC) system offers products that are ideal for at-retail applications, including advertising on windows, walls, ceilings, floors, shelves, freezers, counters, and more. The SEETHRU-SIGN line features perforated composite and vinyl laminate films that provide one-way viewing from the inside-out. Clear composite films are available for interior mounting and perforated white/black composite films for exterior window signage. Shelf-ART is designed specifically to decorate a variety of retail shelving tops and sides, thereby promoting a brand even when the product is not on the shelf. It’s engineered to adhere to standard painted metal shelf surfaces, and FLEXcon says the product’s adhesive system will last the life of the promotion and remove cleanly for up to one year. Overlaminates available as part of the system are formulated for resistance to product contents. FLEXcon, 1 FLEXcon Industrial Park, Spencer, MA 01562, 508-885-8370, fax: 508-885-8399, Web:


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