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Oracal hosted its 75th Professional Wrapping Academy in October at Image Graphics 2000 in Pompano Beach, FL. The Wrapping Academy began in 2004. and more than 700 vinyl installers and shop owners have attended the course in locations across the US, Canada, and Caribbean. 

The course is designed to educate attendees on the best methods in applying ORAJET digital media and ORAGUARD laminating films, as well as the business aspects of excelling in the competitive vehicle-wrap market. Classes are led by Wade Davis, industry veteran and owner of Image Graphics 2000. 

David Grant, ORACAL’s marketing vice president, says the company plans to expand and enhance the program for beginners and experienced installers in 2008. Oracal is located at 501 Riverside Ave., Ste. 500, Jacksonville, FL 32202, 904-726-9597, 888-672-2251, fax: 904-726-9409, e-mail:, Web:

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