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Douthitt designed its DMAX screen-exposure system for those who need the capabilities of a conventional exposure unit but also require the ability to process computer-to-screen exposures. DMAX includes a rack to load screens and bypass the glass and blanket for digitally masked screens, Olite 2300 metal-halide printing lamp, and Douthitt Magic 83 10-channel-memory combination light integrator and digital timer. Its integrator comes complete with vacuum time delay for one-button automation. Vacuum automatically cancels after exposure. other standard features include HF1 exhaust system, Douthitt Deep Draw black blanket, cooling fans to guard against excessive heat buildup, front access door, side-moutned instrument panel, and more. Options include an Olite AL53 Tri Level 5000-watt or Olite AL83 Tri Level 8000-watt metal-halide printing lamp.Douthitt Corp., 245 Adair St., Detroit, MI 48207, 313-259-1565, fax: 313-259-6806, Web:


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