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ITW Trans Tech’s SpaceFrame is a patented ink-reservoir system that uses an aluminum frame structure to hold a polypropylene line cup filled with ink to supply pad-printing presses. The SpaceFrame unit secures the ExpressLiner ink cup, eliminating the material cost of conventional ink cups. ITW says the molded ExpressLiner enables the use of removable carbide or ceramic doctor rings with equal performance compared to existing techniques. The SpaceFrame was developed as a sister product to the ExpressLiner and reportedly reduces the cost of entry to use the RedStar Multicup system pad-printing presses. The ExpressLiner system consists of a custom-engineered liner with a groove that supports the installation of a doctor ring, which then fits inside a RedStar MultiCup or SpaceFrame housing, protecting them from ink exposure and messy cleanup. After printing, the user removes the ExpressLiner from the cup, removes the doctor ring from the liner, and disposes the used liner. The user then cleans the doctor blade and installs it in a new liner for the next setup. SpaceFrame is available in Trans Tech standard ink-cup sizes with 2.4-, 3.5-, and 5.1-in. (60-, 90-, and 130-mm) doctor rings, and for mechanical or magnetic holddown configurations, as well as standard sealed-cup systems. ITW Trans Tech, 475 N. Gary Ave., Carol Stream, IL 60188-4900, 630-752-4000, fax: 630-752-4467, Web:


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