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Tex Visions now offers its Bowflag fabric display system in an assortment of standard colors designed to approximate those in the Pantone system. Tex Visions describes the new colors as close to Pantone 116 C, 200 C, 641 C, 340 C, 7409 C, 491 C, 294 C, 350 C, 151 C, 1915 C, 289 C, 7544 C, 1665 C, 292 C, and 396 C. Other colors, such as Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, black, and white, also are available. The Bowflag system features aluminum and fiberglass hardware, and an integrated bearing is available to allow the flag to move with the wind. Bowflag is available in six shapes and four sizes, and users may select from eight types of bases. Options include a weight bag, L stake, and polyester carrying case. Tex Visions LLC, 453 Lincoln St., Carlisle, PA 17013, 717-249-3273, fax: 717-249-4209, Web:


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