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The AGL Auto Trim 3 is a new inline automatic web trimmer and sheeter from Advanced Greig Laminators. It’s designed to eliminate costly manual trimming of laminated-sheet production runs. Capabilities include flush-edge, sealed-edge, and bleed-edge trimming. It also features a program to trim step-and-repeat sheets. The Auto Trim 3 detects the leading and trailing edges of individual laminated sheets with through-beam fiber-optic sensor. Once detected, the Auto Trim 3 positions the sheet to an operator-determined point in space and triggers the cut. The Auto Trim 3 is also capable of trimming individual sheets out of continuous rolls of printed media by using the optional Graphics Registration package. The Auto Trim 3 utilizes a self-sharpening rotary blade. The system is available in cutting widths of 27, 38, 50, and 63 in. (686, 965, 1270, and 1600 mm) and can operate at speeds up to 50 ft/min (15.3 m/min), depending on sheet sizes. Advanced Greig Laminators, 4249 Argosy Ct., PO Box 8563, Madison, WI 53707, 608-223-1300, fax: 608 223 0074, Web:



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