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Neschen’s AccuCure Elite UV Gloss is a new, UV-curable lacquer engineered for use with AccuCure UV liquid laminators. It’s formulated for rapid cure time, crystal clear sheen, and a durable finish. Neschen says cure time is less than 0.5 sec when exposed to UV lamps and notes that the coating, once cured, is immediately display-ready and resistant to water, salts, solvents, and other chemicals. According to Neschen, curing continues for 24 hr from application to provide maximum resistance to scuffing, rubbing, and abrasion. Additionally, the company reports that AccuCure Elite UV Gloss will not dry by evaporation, thereby reducing cleaning time on the liquid laminator. Neschen Americas, 7091 Troy Hill Dr., Elkridge, MD 21075, 410-379-5400, 800-257-7325, fax: 410-579-8960, Web:


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