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LexJet developed its SUV-compatible window films to allow customers to take advantage of opportunities for print jobs in high-end commercial, retail, and corporate-décor markets. The films, part of Lexjet’s Décor & Privacy Window Films line, include LexJet Glacier Window Film, LexJet Rice Paper Window Film, and LexJet Velvet Window Film. The films can be used as-is for privacy, or they can be printed. They allow light to pass through, and the texture of each film is designed to provide privacy and a special effect, from a 3-D stained glass look to a pebbled matte texture. LexJet Glacier is a 17-mil, textured film creates a stained-glass effect. LexJet Rice Paper is a 5-mil film that replicates the traditional medium. LexJet Velvet is a 6-mil film featuring a textured matte surface. The films are available in 10- and 40-ft (3.1- and 12.2-m) rolls in widths of 24 and 48 in. (610 and 1219 mm). LexJet, 1680 Fruitville Rd., 3rd Fl., Sarasota, FL 34236, 941-330-1210, 800-453-9538, fax: 941-330-1220, Web:


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