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Wasatch’s SoftRIP 6.1 RIP software now has full Windows Vista support. SoftRIP 6.1 now offers 16-bit color rendering, which, according to Wasatch, allows color subtleties and gradients in raster images to be maintained with enormous detail and perfectly smooth vector gradients at any output size. The 16-color pipeline reportedly maintains color data to produce output that is faithful to the original source image. Wasatch also says that SoftRIP will process files that are inherently 16 bits deep through color management and PSS halftoning with high-fidelity color depth. Files that are 8 bits deep are promoted to 16 bits of color depth prior to color management and are maintained at this definition through halftoning. Color profiles created with earlier versions of SoftRIP can be sued with SoftRIP 6.1. Upgrades to SoftRIP 6.1 are free to customers with active service contracts. Wasatch Computer Technology, 333 South 300 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, 801-575-8043, fax: 801-575-8075, Web:


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