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Esko and Mikkelsen Graphic Engineering recently released the i-cut 6.2 upgrade to the companies’ joint i-series of Kongsberg tables (i-XE and i-XL). Esko says version 6.2 gives users more direct control of the Kongsberg’s features, delivers better support of routing and milling, and offers a report module for distortion readings and an Adobe Illustrator plug-in for automatic placement of i-cut registration marks. Also new is a Kongsberg toolbar that provides access to system features, sheet-feeder communication for automatic loading and pre-loading on the table, the ability to produce drill holes, a Tool Path preview feature to help identify cut-file issues before operation, and a pressure-ramping control for kiss cutting. Esko-Graphics USA, 721 Crossroads Ct., Vandalia, OH 45377, 937-454-1721, fax: 937-454-1522, Web:


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