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DigiFab Systems says it developed the StampaJet digital printer to decorate virtually any kind of fabric at high speeds. The eight-color printer can accommodate dye, reactive, disperse, acid, and pigment inks. All inks are aqueous, and post processing using steam (or heat fixing) and washing is required to finish the printed textiles. StampaJet can print at speeds up to 39 linear yds/hr (36 m/hr). It uses a self-cleaning adhesive-belt-transport system designed to prevent substrate movement and ensure proper registration. StampaJet features variable-dot Epson printheads, with 1440 nozzles/head. A laser device checks on-the-fly nozzle efficiency and prevents print faults. A rotating brush washing unit with an open water circuit removes excess ink from the adhesive blanket. The printer also comes standard with two hot-air infrared dryers to dry printed fabric and remove trace water from the printing system. DigiFab, 5015 Pacific Blvd., Vernon, CA 90058, 323-581-4500, fax: 323-582-4500, Web:


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