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The DUO2 Printing System is the newest addition to Condé’s DyeTrans family of products for sublimation. The system can function as two printers in one with its capability to accommodate two separate types of ink at the same time. Users can load one side of the printer with ArTainium UV+ sublimation ink for sublimation printing and load the other side with either Sawgrass’s ChromaBlast ink for cotton garment transfers or Multi-Ink for producing inkjet transfers, screen-printing films, photo prints, and more. The DUO2 supports applications up to 17 in. (432 mm) wide and uses MultiRIP technology that drives both sets of inks separately. Condé Systems, Inc., 5600 Commerce Blvd. E., Mobile, AL 36619, 251-633-5704, 800-826-6332, fax: 251-633-3876, Web:


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