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Have an appetite for a laminating adhesive for food packaging? Northwest Coatings now offers electron-beam-curable (EB) formulations that are FDA-compliant for such applications. The filing, and subsequent FDA review, of a Food Contact Notification (FCN) number 642 helped achieve that compliance. Northwest says the FCN included migration and toxicity data that supported the safe use of the technology for food packaging. According to Northwest, the adhesives provide good bonding to PET, BOPP, LDPE, metallized films, aluminum foil, and paper. The FCN covers all types of foods up to FDA condition of use C (hot-filled or pasteurized above 105°F/40.5°C). EB laminating adhesives are one-part systems that require no mixing or adjustment. Northwest says full bond strength is realized immediately upon curing. Northwest Coatings, 7221 S. 10th St., Oak Creek, WI 53154, 414-762-3330, 800-776-7091, Web:


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