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An oversized X-Y drive system, modular cutting head with automatic tool recognition, modular tool inserts, and optical registration system are some of the features Gerber built into its M Series flatbed cutters. Designed to process a variety of rigid substrates, M Series cutters also come standard with a light-beam security system and Windows-based user interface. Two models are available: the M-1200, which supports a 66 x 46-in. (1676 x 1168-mm) work area and acceleration up to 0.80 g, and the M-3000, which handles work areas up to 75 x 120 in. (1905 x 3048 mm) and accelerates at up to 0.75 g. Both operate at speeds up to 34 in./sec and offer 60 lb of tool force, 0.003-in./ft (0.25 mm/m) position accuracy, and 10-HP, zoned vacuum. Standard modular tools include pneumatic oscillating knife, pneumatic router, creasing tools, and plotting pen. Gerber Scientific Products, 83 Gerber Rd., South Windsor, CT 06074, 860-643-1515, 800-222-7446, fax: 860-648-8595, Web:


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