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<p>Durst bills its new Rho 600 Pictor as a full-featured printer with a small footprint and economical price tag. The Rho 600 Pictor is equipped with Quadro Array printheads that support resolutions of 400 and 600 dpi. It uses Rho Flexible and Rho Rigid inksets and is available with the ability to print white ink, special-effect varnish, and spot colors. Media up to 62 in. (1575 mm), wide and 2.5 in. (63.5 mm) thick are compatible, and the Pictor can print directly onto rigid and flexible materials at speeds up to 200 sq ft/hr (18.6 m/hr). Durst US, 50 Methodist Hill Dr., Ste. 100, Rochester, NY 14623, 585-486-0340, fax: 585-486-0350, Web:


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