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Hirsch Int’l Corp., Hauppauge, NY, announced it has entered into a ten-year, exclusive distribution agreement with SEIT Elettronica Srl, Valdobbiadene, Italy, a manufacturer of high-volume textile laser equipment. Under the agreement, Hirsch will provide distribution and support services for SEIT’s tex-tile laser systems throughout the US.
Paul Gallagher, president and CEO of Hirsch, reports that Hirsch has a demo model set up with a Tajima stretch six-head and a singlehead machine at its facility in Solon, OH. Gallagher says the laser can be set up with different-size machines, the support-beam length determining the number of heads.
“It’s a phenomenal piece of equipment that is a great complement if you’re doing the kind of work that involves cutting or etching on finished garments or fabric, especially where you need to cut appliqués, such as those used on a lot of sports apparel,” Gallagher says. “If it fits what you need, it’s a great productivity booster and time saver.” Hirsch is lo-cated at 50 Engineers Rd., Hauppauge, NY 11788, 800-394-4426, Web:

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