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Spectra says its new Skywalker jetting assembly meets the demand for a cost-effective printhead solution for the entry-level, wide-format, solvent inkjets. The Skywalker JA 128/50 supports resolutions up to 600 dpi and is equipped with 128 individually accessible channels driven from a single piezoelectric crystal. The jetting nozzles are arranged in a single line at a 0.002-in. (0.051-mm) spacing for maximum interlace flexibility. The Skywalker can be integrated into existing scanning printer carriages. It features an integral mounting bezel molded from chemically inert engineering plastic with location features that enable quick registration to the carriage frame. Two electrical connectors at the top of the jetting assembly allow each channel to be individually addressed. An optional Driver Chip Module reduces the electrical interface requirements to two serial data streams and the high voltage fire pulse used to actuate the pumping chambers. The Skywalker’s stainless-steel nozzle faceplate resists scratches and deterioration. It also has a replaceable ink-inlet filter. The Skywalker JA 128/50 is being showcased in DGI’s SW-2506 and JHF’s VISTA-UM3306CS six-color, solvent-based printers. Spectra, 109 Etna Rd., Lebanon, NH 03766, 603-443-5300, fax: 603-448-5402, e-mail:, Web:


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