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Mutoh America Inc., Phoenix, AZ, announced its partnership with Allegra Network LLC, a graphic-communications franchise and provider of large-format commercial inkjet printers. Two of Allegra’s franchise members, Scott Sherer and Mark Rice, who own Allegra Print & Imaging in Langhorne, PA, have recently purchased Mutoh equipment to enhance their operation’s capabilities.

“We purchased the Mutoh flatbed for its ability to produce extremely high-quality prints at very competitive prices,” Scott Sherer says. Mark Rice added, “Mutoh’s Toucan LT 64-in. board printer is the only one I know that is capable of producing vibrant color gamut and sharpness.”

Under the agreement, Allegra Network says it will have highly competitive pricing available for all of its locations. Allegra Network is located at 21680 Haggerty Rd., Northville, MI 48167,  248-596-8600, fax: 248-596-8601, Web:

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