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The Screen Printing Technical Foundation’s SGIA Education Connection is a new feature on the Website that makes resources available to SGIA’s educator members and connects educators with the printing industry. SPTF started to plan the Education Connection last January.

        Education Connection will have three levels of downloadable curriculum outlines: one for introduction/exploration, secondary school, and college. Dawn Hohl, who manages SPTF’s technical training, says each curriculum is specific to screen printing and includes textbook lists.

        The site also features QuickLinks, which points users to technical materials located throughout SGIA’s Website, and a list of external resources for educators, information about the ASPT Student Screen Printing Awards, and a list of all US and international educator members. Other resources include Internship Exchange, which connects schools with internship programs and companies in need of interns, and an area devoted to equipment and supplies exchanges. For more information, visit


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