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Tekra Corp., a worldwide supplier of engineered plastic films, was recently appointed an authorized distributor for the polycarbonate film products of SABIC Innovative Plastics in the United States and Canada. SABIC’s Lexan, Valox, and Ultem film products are used in automotive, healthcare, consumer electronics, packaging, and telecommunications applications. Tekra customers now have access to nearly 100 new polycarbonate products, including clear graphics and optical films, electrical and electronic flame-retardant films, and specialty and coated films.

“After careful evaluation of many polycarbonate film suppliers, Tekra has chosen SABIC Innovative Plastics based on their tremendous breadth of products, focus on manufacturing excellence, and a commitment to our core markets, says Andy Tully, Tekra’s president and CEO. “In the end, the decision was obvious…the Lexan, Valox, and Ultem brands are the best products for our customers’ needs.”

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