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Ryonet’s new EnviroLine inks offer what the company describes as environmentally friendly, biodegradable chemicals for the garment and textile screen printing. The water-based inks (by Matsui) are specifically designed for use on either manual or automatic screen presses. Ryonet says the formulations come ready for use directly out of the container without the addition of pigments, binders, or extenders. The ready-to-use-inks also can be used with Matsui color-matching software to emulate Pantone colors. The software is available as a free download from According to Ryonet, the inks are free of PVC, phthalates, heavy metals, azo compounds, nonylphenol, and formaldehyde. The company also notes that the inks may be used on screens with mesh counts of more than 300 threads/in. and offer soft hand and tack-free stability in screens. Ryonet, 11800 NE 60th Way, Vancouver, WA 98682, 800-314-6390, Web:

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