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Drytac Corp.’s upgraded JetMounterTM 54 SHA laminator comes with features the company says deliver a combination of performance and value unequalled in the industry. The 54-in. (1375-mm) electric laminator now includes two new features. Drytac reports that the new Single Height Adjustment (SHA) allows the roller nip to be set more quickly, ensuring consistent roller pressure from side to side. A new LCD pressure gauge readout is designed to provide more process control. The machine is compatible with pressure-sensitive laminating films and mounting adhesives, supports one-or-two sided lamination, and can be used for permanently mounting graphics onto cardstock, foam board, MDF rigid, and PVC board. It also offers variable-speed forward and reverse electric drive, silicone rollers, all-steel construction, foot-pedal operation, and photo-electric safety stop. Drytac Corp., 5383 Glen Alden Dr., Richmond, VA 23231, 800-280-6013, Web:


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