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Fusion Systems now offers a Windows-based version of its DigiPage ROOM workflow plug-in for Harlequin-based RIPs. DigiPage is designed to enable single-page processing, facilitate post-RIP imposition workflows, and provide 100% digital integrity between preview, proofing, and printed work. The plug-in functions like an output-device plug-in, and all setup and administration is performed through standard Harlequin Page Setup dialogues. The RIP outputs one DigiPage file for each page or job file sent to the RIP. DigiPage automatically creates a unique output directory for each job, based on the job name. The DigiPage file contains required production elements such as screened and trapped 1-bit TIFF separations, a composite color-proofing file (8-bit TIFF) created from the 1-bit TIFF separations, and a 72-dpi preview file. DigiPage allows single-page RIPing and trapping, which Fusion says accelerates correction cycles. Pages that need corrections are re-ripped and automatically overwrite the incorrect pages. DigiPage output files are compatible with all PostScript and imposition layout applications, OPI server applications, proofing devices, imagesetters, CTP devices, and digital presses. The plug-in features a built-in PostScript processor backend. Fusion Systems Int’l, 12021 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97220, 503-261-7395, Web:


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